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Build Your Dream Home While You Save Money
Planning Stage Training 

- Access to Our Tiny House Architectural Floor Plans
- How to Create a Floor Plan
- How to Find Land
- How to Calculate Material and Job Cost
- How to Get Financing
- How to Save 10%-15% at Contractors Discount
- How to Hire Contractors if Needed
- Where to Build Your Home
- Building Schedule
- How to Find or Custom Build The Best Trailer
- Warranties and Tax Rebates
- How to Make Money With Your Tiny House
- Links Provided to Buy All Your Products

​Building a Tiny House Yourself Along With The Savings Provided Above Can Save You 40%-70% of the original cost of a tiny home. 
What's Included in Our Workshop?

Is a Tiny Home Right for You?

Before you get into our training program. Is a tiny home right for you. I have found that 1 out of 5 of those that buy our tiny homes will realize that the tiny house is still too small for their standards of living and they rather move into a larger home.
So before spending $15,000-$40,000 on your tiny house, it is best to sped $500 on a plane ride either to a tiny house resort or to a tiny house builder to see if the tiny house is for you. 

Get Your Tiny House Noah Certified or RVIA Certified

Either way, you need your tiny home properly registered as an RV, Travel Trailer, Park Model, or Mobile Home, in order to meet and code requirements or insurance policies to get fully insured on your home.
Many tiny house trailers are titled as a utility trailer and it is best to get a trailer titled as a park model or travel trailer while getting properly certified.
Getting certified by Noah or RVIA will give you the upper hand to show that your house is properly inspected and shows it is built to code and cities will really like that and allow to you park there more easily. 
Contractors are not the only ones that can use this, but average people like you can use this. 

How to Register Your Tiny House for Parking

This may have been the hardest issue to face for most is where to park your tiny house. Well there are plenty of places to park your home as long as you have your tiny house properly registered and that you word your home correctly.
At this time do not ever mention your home as a "Tiny Home," but only mention it as a "Park Model" or "Travel Trailer." Wording it this way will give you the opportunity to get more accepted in mobile home parks and RV parks. 

Pre Cutting All Your Lumber for Your Tiny House

Before you start framing your tiny house, it is very very important to make sure you get very specific plans showing the framing details showing exactly what studs you will need to cut for your house and what cut list you need for framing.

A cut list will be your best friend when you frame a tiny house because you will save half the work if you pre cut all your lumber first and then spend the rest of the time nailing everything together.

Video Coming Soon
Where to Park Your Tiny House

Now that your trailer is properly registered, now you need to find our where to park your tiny house. 
This video will give you a really good ideal on how to find the best places that can either be free or paid to park your tiny house.

You Do Not Have to Own a Big Truck to Own a Tiny House, Now You Can Hire Someone to Do it.

Many think they have to fork out $40,000 to get a new nice truck that is capable to haul a tiny house, but now you do not have to.
You can easily hire an affordable freelance truck driver that can be fully insured to haul your tiny house wherever needed across the country.
90% of those that buy our homes will probably never move their house again, so why bother getting a truck if you do not move your house. 

How to Get Internet With Your Tiny House

Many do not have internet services where they live with their tiny house, or they are stuck with high costs from internet providers to get internet services to them.
So that is why you can simply get a wireless hot spot to your tiny house with a mobile internet service that can help you get internet even if you are on the road with your tiny house.