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Become a Tiny House Branch Partner
(Earn 10% Lifetime Commissions)

We are seeking mainly investors who would like to purchase our tiny homes to be put on display across the United States in all major cities and make commissions on the sales you generate from your displayed tiny house.

You do not have to do any... 
- sales pitches
- no phone calling
- no follow ups
- we close all the sales for you

All you have to do is to choose a major city that is available (because we only allow one city per branch partner). Then make sure we are able to make a deal with a land owner of a commercial land to let us park your tiny home with banners displayed, then finally sit back and allow us to close your sales.

There are no guarantees on how many sales you will generate, but imagine getting at least one sale per month in your major city, which can earn you $2,000-$4,000 monthly.

Say you invest $30,000 as a Branch Partner for Our Tiny Homes and you get 1 sale per month in the major city of your choosing.

Say you get a projected $30,000 in sales monthly which gives you $3,000 monthly income that gets you your money back in 10 months along with 100% pure profit after that.

What Does it Cost to Become a Branch Partner?

It Will Cost $5,000 as a Branch Partner to Get Full Access to:
- Full Rights to Reserve One Major City to Display Your Tiny Home
- 10% Lifetime Commissions on Any Sales Generated in Your Assigned City. 
- You Will Need to Pay Full Price on One of Our Tiny Homes on Top of The Branch Partner Entrance Fee.

We thank you for your interest to become a Tiny House Branch Partner, please contact us if you wish to become a branch partner with us and start making money on your tiny home today.
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We not only want people to live an affordable life style in a tiny house, but we also want you to have the opportunity to make money offering our tiny homes with others. We would like to show you 2 ways that we offer people like you to make money with a tiny home. 
Recommended Cities Available: 

- Los Angles (3 Districts)
- San Francisco
- San Diego
- Seattle
- Austin TX
- Tuscon AZ
- Denver, CO
- Sacramento
- Houston TX

Help Us Develope Tiny Home Communitites
invest in a tiny house
invest in a tiny house
invest in a tiny house
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As you may already know, the tiny house movement has been rapidly spreading across the nation and Upper Valley Tiny Homes has made a major effect on that. 

This company has started building about 1-2 homes per month in its first three months in business. Today Upper Valley Tiny Homes is producing well over 4-5 tiny homes monthly and are projecting to build 6-10 homes monthly by July 2016. 

Now it's time to decide if you are ready to join this tiny house movement that is not only a very profitable market, but a market that will be doubling our revenue within the next 6 months to a year.

We are seeking investors such as yourselves to help use expand our company in 5 avenues with the help of your funding:

1.) More Working Capital to Stock More Material & Trailers

2.) Working Capital to Expand Our Company to Trade Shows & Other Advertising Sources that Brings in 4-6 Sales Per Show

3.) Build Additional Demo Models Such as Tiny Houses With Slide Outs and Possibly a Double Wide Tiny Home.

4.) Upgrading Equipment That Increases Our Production Rate By 15%.

5.) Help provide funds to finance our home for our tiny home customers. 

We accept investors who are willing to invest a min of $5,000 with a 20% interest on your investment in a years period to help grow our company and a max of $50,000 to invest with a 20% interest return in 12 months. 

This is a very bold proposal, but our numbers have been the same over and over on how well this company has grown, now it is up to you to decide to grow with our company, while making a great return on your investment.  

Contact Us If You Wish to Get Involved in This Opportunity:
We Generate Over 500 FREE Hits Daily to Our Site With an Increase of 50 Daily Additional Hits Added Monthly
Provide a User Friendly Website That Surpasses Our Competitors 
Most of our competitors are unable to customize floor plans or any other features that the customer may want on their dream home, but we go above and beyond each of our homes to custom build to whatever specs needed to please our customers. 
Our prices are 30-50% less than our competitors while keeping a steady profit needed to run this successful business. 
Upper Valley Tiny Homes have been mentioned on high authority sites like Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, and More. 
Contact Us